Gifts- Dart Leggings 3 pocket w Calf Accent- Made To Order

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 This exclusive RJF print features words and actions that we all treasure.

These leggings are more than just pretty; they’re super efficient!  The Deep Navy Spandex fabric is wicking to keep you cool and the interior seams are smooth to help prevent chafing.  You’ll have three giant pockets for all your gear and technology; one on each thigh and the 12” zippered waistband pocket keeps valuables safe.  Order your zipper pocket to be sewn on the front or the back.  Please visit our sizing chart:

Machine wash gentle, cold water.  Hang to dry.

  • Wicking Spandex
  • Flat interior seams
  • Large thigh pockets
  • 12” zippered waistband pocket

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